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The Smoking Coffee Mug

The Smoking Cup
The ultimate 'Wake and Bake', I'll take my coffee with the Maui Wowie! I wish I would have taken this pottery class when I was in Hi School.

Glass Pickle Pipe

Glass Pickle Pipe
This is a cute concept but I am just not sure I could smoke out of this piece. I bet for some pickle lovers this is the coolest pipe.

Addicted Style Addidas Shirt

Addicted Style Adidas Shirt
This play off the the Adidas logo has always had a special place in my mind. The logo design is very well done, simple yet its to the point.

Super Mario Bros Glass Bong

Super Mario Bros Glass Bong
Not sure I would want to smoke out of this, its to cool and would be a pain to clean. The art and design of this glass bong has a hippie like surrealism feel to it. Takes me back to sitting in front of the TV screen when we were kids starting our extensive video game career.

Addicted Style Addidas Shirt

Spotted Alien Nose Glass Pipe
This very creative piece looks like it came straight out of a Star Wars film. Created by the artist Salt out of Austin, Texas puts his emotions into his art and this createure takes negative lows and turns into positive highs.

Year of the Dragon Pipe

Year of the Dragon Pipe
Being a Scorpio from the Year of the Dragon, I really enjoy how this piece is flying into the future with the wind under his wings while protecting his destiny.

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