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Are You High?

Are your High?
This is probably my least favorite question, because the person asking you is probably just like these 2. Disapproving! Instant buzz kill.

Wait... Wha?
I love this photo, because I used to have these exact 2 types of dogs growing up. And they would both sit with this glazed look in their eyes. Dusty the Yorky and Sabrina the Chiwawa.
... No. Well maybe just a little bit.

The Future of Weed

Yes, yes, this individual opened our eyes to a gift that should be shared and cared. Being able to calm down and just breath and hear your thoughts instead of all the stresses we have to deal with. I would install a THC button in every bods car at rush hour, and watch Road Rage disappear.

The Future of Weed

Holly Shit!
What is our world coming to? Hopefully peace and understaning. In a world with chaos and war what if there was a chance for us to smoke out and just be happy about life and enjoy living it.

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Smoke Memes

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