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Purple Noir Pot Strain

Purple Noir
Comes out of San Jose, California medical dispensary and is named because of its sweet aoroma.

Purple Romulan Purple Romulan
Thats right all you Trekkies, this strain comes from Star Trekk and was named so from its heavy head dent. Coming out of British Columbia, Canada.

Purple Kush Purple Kush
Another favorite coming out of San Jose, California. This strain helps people calm down after a long day and helps to get some sleep.

Fire OG X White Rino Fire OG X White Rino
This is a very powerfully tasting bud that has a pine like freshness with a sweet finish. Again shout out to San Jose, California.

Jack's Haze Jack's Haze
This specific strain is best used in the morning, like over coffee while talking with your sister. This long lasting, sweet tasting, strain is a mood setter. A great way to start the day. They say this bud is good for Migraines, but I personally have never found bud helps with migranes. Another wonderful gift from San Jose, California.

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