Weed Movie Clips

Relive your favorite weed and marijuana movies.

Super Troopers
It only took the first 5 minutes of this movie and I knew I would love it forever. 'He's already pulled over, he can't pull over any farther.'

Half Baked
For our generation this weed movie was an instant classic. I still quote lines from this movie. "I wanna talk to Sampson, fly me to the moon. I get lifted"

Craig are you High...? Naw, I'm Cool. Why? Cause you look like you been smokin.

The Big Lebowski
The first time I saw this scene I was stoned and fell out of my seat laughing. A classic stoner move. We just kept rewinding it. (that's a video tape played in a VCR.)

Due Date
Nothing like a clam bake when you are on a long road trip. Windows up and hot box the car with some good music and snacks, lots of snack, and 2 large pizzas with funions.

How High
Nothing gets me out of bed like a 'wake and bake' every time I visit my sister on the main land she hits me with coffee and a smoke.

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Marijuana Art

Funny Weed Video Clips from Movies

The Smoking Zebra. Check out some of the Weed Art from around the World.


Smoke Memes

Check out the funniest and tasteful weed memes. We know about all the new snacks before they even hit the street. All the bootleg snacks.

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