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The bill passed the Senate unanimously with Sen. Russell Ruderman excused. House lawmakers approved the bill 38-13 after more than a half-hour of discussion. The measure goes next to Gov. David Ige, who has indicated he supports the medical marijuana dispensaries.

Hawaii School Funding
Imagine all the tax dollars that could be used to improve Hawaii's Educational System.

It is our opinion that legalizing marijuana in Hawaii will help in many aspects for the community and its people.

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The Different Strains of Marijuana

Pot has many uses that have been proved to help peoples sickness.

Pot Strains

Light up here for the latest strains of Marijuana and its wonderful many uses. Check out our pot photos and videos.


When it comes time to VOTE and pass this bill, lets remember all the positive ways it will help our community.

Cannabis Uses

Probably one of the most useful plants that can provide so many critial uses. Including paper, food, and medicines.

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